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Discovery Center of Earth Sciences


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Additional Details

  • The Discovery Center of Earth Sciences is built next to the ruins of the former Pérrinelle dwelling, near the Fort district which was classified as an archaeological sanctuary in September 1989. On this land donated in 1640 by Duparquet - the first governor of Martinique - the Jesuits built their convent and the first candy of Saint Peter. They cultivated the estate until the suppression of their order in 1762. In 1770, Monsieur de Pérrinelle bought it and the estate regained its prosperity by producing 400 tons of sugar and 400,000 liters of rum a year until the eruption of 1902. Its designers wanted it to be a place of curiosity, reflection and questioning. So is its appearance and its visible structure. It seems to defy the rules of resistance to earthquakes. A seismic building: The building is a crude monolith dialoguing with Mount Pelee in an environment bordered by the Caribbean Sea and fields of sugar cane and bananas. Its earthquake-resistant design makes it an educational tool that attracts visitors to (learn about) the region's major natural hazards: earthquakes, cyclones and volcanic eruptions. (Source: Center Website)