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Why SeeCurrents?

SeeCurrents® was founded by Pat Davis, an “island girl” who loves to read about and experience cultures around the world.

As a young adult and later as a nonprofit executive, her lifelong goal to “travel to six of the seven continents” seemed out of reach so she satisfied her curiosity about the world through international fiction and foreign films.

SeeCurrents was borne out of a conversation with a world-traveling relative who fawned over famous world capitals but quickly dismissed suggestions to explore historical and cultural treasures during his next visit to his island home.

Determined to help highlight the sometimes overlooked cultural assets of island nations around the world, she decided in July 2018 to build a website where travelers could search for culturally-immersive activities, attractions, local restaurants, museums, and events.

Many late nights were spent building and populating the database that drives the site’s search results, writing posts, and partnering with freelance web developer extraordinaire B Depay on design and function.

We have a long way to go to but we hope SeeCurrents gives you the tools to deepen cultural immersion and event-based travel plans the next time you visit an island so you can #GoBeyondTheBeach.

Bridgette Depay | Web Consultant
Bridgette Depay | Web Consultant

Bridgette Depay is an experienced digital project manager and web consultant, working with clients to bring a broad range of interactive websites to life. She collaborates with small business owners and startup founders to help establish their brand identity, foster virtual communities, and target specific audiences effectively.

An educator-turned-developer, Bridgette consistently brings novel ideas and creative solutions to clients.

Website: bdepay.info

Ayana Austin-Depay | Researcher
Ayana Austin-Depay | Researcher

Ayana Austin-Depay conducted one of her first independent research projects in Salvador, Brazil on Afro Ethnic tourism in 2013. This experience grew into a love for exploring unique cultural aspects of any given destination (e.g. local food, traditions, and languages). She believes that the highlight of traveling is not only in experiencing “hot spots” but also the hidden gems. Ayana prides herself on discovering finds outside of “Top 10 Things to Do” lists. She brings her meticulousness, imagination, and drive to both her product development career and research projects.

Explore the world and your destination.

Havana, Cuba
Havana, Cuba
Honolulu, Hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Kingston, Jamaica
Kingston, Jamaica

SeeCurrents puts island culture at the forefront!

With SeeCurrents, travelers can find music, food,

literary and film festivals, museums, local

restaurants, cultural attractions, wellness retreats,

popular and off-the-beaten path excursions

and more. SeeCurrents also gives travelers and

patrons the”power of the pen” to contribute to

crowd sourced reviews.

Explore – Learn – Immerse

SeeCurrents and Go Beyond the Beach!