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Romney Manor

Experience a taste of heritage and tradition. Explore 400 years of history and celebrate 40 years of creativity.

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Additional Details

  • Romney Manor & Wingfield Estate is set in approximately 8 acres, these grounds have considerable history dating back to the 1600s. Romney Manor & Wingfield Estate have had only 5 family owners to-date. You might recognize the first, Sam Jeffreson II, the great, great, great grandfather of Thomas Jefferson (3rd president of the U.S.A), who purchased the property in 1625. The modest house, once named the "red house" to reflect Jeffreson's Quaker roots, was renamed Romney Manor upon its mid 17th-century acquisition by the Earl of Romney. In 1834, contrary to the instruction of the British Parliament, Lord Romney declared his enslaved Africans free men, becoming the first estate in St. Kitts to do so. Many visitors frequently express a sense of spirituality while enjoying the gardens and grounds. An all-time favourite is our magnificent Saman tree, the largest living organism in St. Kitts. It is over 400 years old, 24 ft in circumference, and covers ½ acre. Just imagine the stories it could tell. Many visitors return time and time again to savour this memorable experience. (Source: Romney Manor Website)
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