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La Vistite National Park


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Additional Details

  • La Visite is an upland area and national park that includes several mountains in southern Haiti, south of Port-au-Prince. The highest peak is 2275 meters in elevation and 11,419 hectares of land are within the park (1897 hectares are above 2000 meters). It is within the same large mountain range (Massif de la Selle) as Morne La Selle and has both pine and hardwood forests, but it has some species that are unique, not shared with Morne La Selle. It is the smaller of the two national parks of Haiti yet has a sizeable diversity of vertebrates including 17 species of frogs, 18 species of reptiles 74 species of birds. Despite being a national park and ongoing efforts to manage the threats, this fragile pocket of biodiversity is endangered. (Source: Haiti National Trust)