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Green Grotto Caves


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Additional Details

    Green Grotto Caves in Jamaica are formed from coastal limestone and served as shelter for the Tainos and a safe haven for runaway slaves. It is also believed that they were used by pirates to hide treasures and that rum runners took advantage of the twists and turns of the underground maze to hide liquor during prohibition.

    Situated on a 64-acre property in Discovery Bay, the labyrinthine limestone cave system has many rock formations, stalactites, stalagmites, natural bridges and overhead ceiling pockets. The grotto is filled with chambers and light holes and there is a  subterranean Grotto Lake.

    In 2017, the caves were the first in the world to receive the prestigious EarthCheck Master Achievement Award for its environmental integrity and for observing the highest principles of sustainability. This designation is given to a select group of sustainable tourism operations.

    Green Grotto Caves, Jamaica | Callie Reed | Flickr