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Seville Heritage Park


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Additional Details

    Seville Heritage Park is a beautiful estate in Jamaica that overlooks the Caribbean Sea and is located in the pre-historic Taino village of Maima. The property is designated as a national landmark and managed by Jamaica National Heritage Trust. It features beautifully landscaped grounds, storyboards, an exhibition that covers the centuries the land was occupied by settlers in 1494, guided tours, horseback riding, a gift and refreshment shop, and artifacts from Jamaica’s original inhabitants, the Tainos, Africans and European settlers.

    Built in 1745 by the grandson of Captain Hemmings, an officer in the British military, Seville Estate replaced the original home constructed by his grandfather at the end of the 17th century.  Seville Heritage Park is on UNESCO’s Tentative List of State Parties after submission by the Jamaican government in 2009.

    Seville Great House, St. Ann, Jamaica (2009) | INTO Pictures | Flickr