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The ACTe Memorial

Memory inspires the future

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Additional Details

  • Initiated by the President of the Regional Council Victorin LUREL and the Guadeloupe Region accompanied by the International Committee of Black Peoples (CIPN), the ACTe Memorial has the original ambition to create a place dedicated to the collective memory of slavery and trafficking, open to the contemporary world. In addition to being directly that of Guadeloupeans and inhabitants of the Caribbean, the history of slavery and the slave trade concerns all of humanity. Offering a place of memory and research is, in addition to federating all components of the population around a common past, to commit to the question of freedom, all freedoms and living together. In 2014, the NGOs estimated that 36 million people were enslaved in conditions similar to slavery, proving that the issues and reflections carried out by the ACTe Memorial are of undeniable relevance. (Source: Organization Website)
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