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Sugar Reef Bequia – Summer 7+ Night Discount


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Additional Details

  • To relax is to escape--not just from something, but to something. Sugar Reef Bequia offers an escape from everyday cares to a richly sensual, authentically Caribbean island experience. The natural beauty--and lots of it--overwhelms the senses. Our 65-acre coconut plantation straddles a breathtaking bay with a quarter-mile-long beach and views of the Grenadines. Sugar Reef Bequia's eight guest rooms (named for Grenadines islands) are divided between our Beach House and French House on a 65-acre estate in the center of an alluring reef-protected bay. Sugar Reef's regular rates - which apply spring, summer and fall - are 20% lower than our Winter rates. As an added incentive for guests who stay to enjoy 7 or more nights outside of the winter high season, Sugar Reef Bequia offers a "7+ Night" discount. You can take advantage of this discount only if you book directly with us [see link to the right]. (Source: Business Website)