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Stingray City Tours


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  • Contrary to popular belief, stingrays are not the dangerous animals that they have been portrayed as being. Here at Stingray City, the stingrays has become use to interacting with humans over many years of being in close proximity with fisherman. They came to associate the sound of approaching boats with being fed, as fishermen used to dump their unused conch and squid meat onto a local sandbar. Later, in the 1980's, divers continued the tradition of friendly association with the stingrays by feeding them similar foods, but this time in the water right alongside the now docile southern stingrays. This has allowed for many years of human interaction leaving the stingrays unafraid of humans and more than willing to socialize. The historic sandbar where fishermen first started unintentionally feeding these underwater creatures has become home to an estimated 50 southern stingrays, some of which can grow to be over 5 feet wide and 150 pounds.(Source: Website)
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