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Museum Ullen Sentalu


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Additional Details

  • Stepping foot in the Ullen Sentalu Museum area feels cool air (15-25 ° Celsius) and a quiet atmosphere that blends with the mountainous nature in its surroundings which at the same time gives a sense of peace and solemnity. The 1.2 hectare area that was developed in stages is called nDalem Kaswargan or Rumah Surga, where the Ullen Sentalu Museum is located. The entrance to the museum showroom and artshop and restaurant in the form of bends, steps, and labyrinths will give a nostalgia, reflection and beauty. Some parts of the building and the elements that complement it, such as gates, walls, gardens, ponds, reflect the grandeur of ancestral culture that has existed since the past. Various types of Javanese building elements can be seen in the layout and structure of the Indis-style buildings and united post-mo creates amazing harmony. The collection is in the form of paintings and photos of figures of cultural history of Islamic Mataram, vorstenlanden batik cloth, literary works, statues of Hindu Buddhist cultural statues, and ethnographic collections of the Islamic Mataram era. (Source: Organization Website)
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