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Museum Indonesia


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Additional Details

  • Built in 1976 and opened 20 April 1980 to coincide with the 5th anniversary of Taman Mini "Indonesia Indah" by President Soeharto. The main gate is located on the south side of the brackets in the form of a temple which is called Mix and Mercury or Karl the Great, while in the west there is a second gate called Bentar Temple. Around the main building there are ancillary buildings and sculptures with names and symbolic meanings. Relief found on the front of the main building taken from the Ramayana story titled Hanuman Duta Its main function as an exhibition space with three themes. Floor I "Unity in Diversity" featuring custom clothing and bridal attire complete of 27 provinces, according to the amount provinces at that time. Floor II themed humans and the environment, featuring miniature custom homes, livelihood equipment on display includes tools fishing, hunting and gathering tools, agricultural implements, as well as life cycle ceremonies (life circle rites) are displayed in the form of a diorama. Floor III themed arts and crafts, displays collections include songket textiles, weaving and batik; various craft objects made from metal silver, brass and copper; wood carving style of Jepara, Bali, Toraja, and Asmat. placement of the tree of life that contains elements of air, water, wind, earth, and fire while closing the series of stories over the entire theme of the exhibition as a whole. Tickets for admission average Rp 15.000/person. (Source: Organization Website)
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