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Lawaetz Museum

Over 250 years of history

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Additional Details

  • Guided tours of the Lawaetz Museum To experience the Danish-West Indian life of the Lawaetz family starting in 1896, we guide you through the old and authentic estate house, were you will get a comprehensive understanding of the cultural and agricultural life of the Lawaetz family. We are open Wednesdays and Saturdays from 11AM to 3PM. The house tour takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and costs USD 15. The last daily tour begins at 2PM. The estate house holds an impressive collection of colonial artifacts, but the surrounding grounds also features a memorial garden of the Lawaetz family, two imposing stone aqueducts, several buildings relating to cattle and agriculture. You are welcome to walk the grounds for free, but to get the authentic experience of the Lawaetz family and the homestead feeling, we recommend you to join one of our guided tours. (Source: Museum Website)