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Historical Archive – Museum of Hydra

In the Historical Archive - Museum of Hydra, Art and History become one!

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Additional Details

  • The Historical Archive of the Museum of Hydra was established in 1918 and was housed in a building constructed at the expense of the shipowner of Hydra and benefactor Ghika N. Kouloura. Antonios D. Lignos, a doctor and mayor of Hydra, took up with enthusiastic zeal the work of sorting and transcribing the evidence of the Hydra Community Record (1798 - 1865), which he had discovered in a cell of the Holy Temple of the Assumption of the Virgin, at the same time, the foundations for the creation of a Museum and Library on the island. In 1952, Ghika Koulouras donated the building to the State. Since then, IAMY operates as a Public Service that is administratively subordinated to the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs and is scientifically supervised by the General Archives of the State. (Source: Museum Website)
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