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Festival Donia

June 1-5, 2022

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Additional Details

  • In the North West of the big island of Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean, exists an island: Nosy Be. Small island of three hundred square kilometers, Nosy Be is populated with about 60 000 inhabitants. Its population is very diverse and colorful and is characterized by its warmth and kindness. In 1994, some friends, tour operators and economic of Nosy Be, make a crazy bet: organize a music festival on their island. None of them have any particular knowledge or experience of organizing a festival. They create the COFESTIN (Organizing Committee of the Festival of Nosy Be) and with strength of will, obstinacy and perseverance, they organize the first festival of Nosy Be: The DONIA (the life, the beautiful life in Sakalava language of north of Madagascar), which takes place in May 1994. With ridiculous means, a lot of imagination, passion and sweat, COFESTIN occupies the Hell City stadium, builds a very empirical scene in raw log, covered with tarpaulins, rent a small sound system which is brought from the capital by truck, and organizes 4 evenings in concert with renowned groups from Madagascar and groups from northern Madagascar. Sports, social and cultural events are also organized during the day, around the festival, including a small opening carnival. 25 years later, Donia is still here! (Source: Business Website)

Festival Donia is an annual 4-5 day music and cultural festival held on the island of Madagascar at the end of May. Local artists as well as others from neighboring islands and the African mainland perform a variety of musical genres including rock, reggae, Creole and pop.