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Nature Excursions

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  • Eddyr Barros Guide A marine biologist from Sao Vicente and a relative of the famous Cape Verdean artist Kiki Lima, Eddyr has many stories and interesting snippets to add to your tour. Rutland Ospreys Establishing a new partnership with Rutland Ospreys allows avid bird watchers to continue their hobby whilst on holiday in Sal. Visit their website to see the great work they do in the UK and to join them in bird watching at home; ​www.ospreys.org.uk Explore Cape Verde was established in 2015 to provide professional and educational nature excursions to guests of Sal island. As a fully licensed company (and protected species license holders), we are the leading example in providing a sustainable form of tourism to highlight Cape Verde’s natural beauty and amazing wildlife, all whilst minimising any impact of human activities. We believe eco-tourism should benefit conservation activities therefore shares of our profits are donated to the sole conservation project based on Sal, Project Biodiversity.(Source: Website)
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