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Espace Plongée Martinique


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Additional Details

  • Espace Divonne Martinique is a diving club located in the tourist town of Trois-Îlets. It offers diving trips on the Caribbean coast (protected from wind and waves) from the north (St. Peter / Preacher) to the south (Anses d'Arlets / Diamond Rock). The outings are on a half day (for the south) and a day for the north. ​ Discover the beauty of Martinique's underwater world and a colorful and majestic fauna. Be amazed by the wrecks dating from the volcanic eruption in Saint-Pierre such as Roraïma. Discover the magic spectacle of fluorescent plankton during night dives. Enjoy bringing your underwater cameras if you have them, you will bring back wonderful memories! (Source: Business Website)
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