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Pie Whole Pizza

Great pizza, pasta and the best beer selection of any St. Thomas restaurant!

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Additional Details

  • Brian Andre always wanted to open an Italian restaurant because he had mostly worked in Italian restaurants. When he was in the wine business he fell in love with the food of Italy for it's simplicity and quality. That became his motto here at Pie Whole. Keep it simple, find and source the best quality ingredients, keep the preparations simple and the prices reasonable. Brian was looking for a partner for back of the house (kitchen). He had known Earl Ellrod for some time and after speaking with him, he loved the idea and it all began. Earl has more beer knowledge than Brian does and they wanted to carry more beer to go with the pizza than wine (Brian's background). After hooking up with a friend in St. Croix who turned them on to Ales and others imports, they started carrying Belgian beers. They only had four to offer in the beginning, but after showing amazing sales they have brought in 60 thus far.(Source: Website)
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