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Fusion Village Restaurant & Bar

Hospitality at its best - Greet you with a smile from our warm and friendly staff

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Additional Details

  • Presenting a savory menu of filet mignon, Italian pizzas, prosciutto, spaghetti alla carbonara, Pierogi and Pelmeni Russian style dumplings, the best brand of steak served medium rare, medium and medium cooked was guaranteed by our chef trained in Italian and international cuisine. A smart choice of alcoholic beverages, cocktails, creamy, cigar box, velvety wines and champagnes grace our buckets and coolers. Our ‘fusion’ values uphold healthy living and wellness. As such, we offer an array of organic teas, coffee blends, freshly juiced fruits without added water or sugar, while our kitchen stocks only fresh, organically grown herbs and spices. Fusion Village Restaurant and Bar is the vegan and vegetarian’s delight. (Source: Business Website)
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