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Festival International du Film documentaire Oceanien

February 5-13, 2022

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Additional Details

  • Established in 2004 on a founding idea from Wallès Kotra, at the time regional director of RFO Polynésie, FIFO immediately gained a high level of public interest. It rapidly attracted directors from Oceania and from all over the world, who recognised this event as an opportunity to take a look at the region. The two key elements to its immediate success: authenticity and diversity. Other events are organised for the public and professionals around this documentary festival like the Oceanian Television Conference, Digital Encounters, the Oceanian Fiction Night, practical training workshops, and more recently, the Oceania Pitch. In addition, since its creation, FIFO has forged special relationships with other festivals in Metropolitan France, but also in Other countries in the Pacific region, like Australia or NewCaledonia. (Source: Event Website)