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Mas Domnik – Dominica’s Carnival

February 28-March 1, 2022

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Additional Details

  • The world has come to know us as the most original and spontaneous carnival. We are among the oldest of world carnival’s and much of the tradition are manifestations of the spirit of our ancestors who created a masquerade form incorporating elements from Africa which today we use to display on carnival Monday and Tuesday prior to Ash Wednesday. This tradition has evolved over the years, still evoking the spirit and passion of the masqueraders with new elements of our infectious rhythms, social commentary in our popular calypso art form, dazzling displays of street dancing and performances, colorful costumes, larger than life characters and a raucous street party which bring all segments of the society together. This unique carnival celebration is a burst of togetherness, joy, unity and free spiritedness to create our carnival brand, The Real Mas. But the party starts way before, with calypso tents, pageantry, competitions of all kinds, carnival fetes and the regular street “practice” in many villages across the country. (Source: DominicaFestivals.com)