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Cook Food “Little Cayman” Claimed

Local traditional Caymanian and Caribbean dishes

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Additional Details

  • Local traditional Caymanian and Caribbean dishes for DELIVERY/TO GO on Little Cayman. Local Seafood-Lobster-Stew Conch-Shrimp-Whelks-Fresh Fish-Stew Turtle (farm raised)Curry Chicken & Goat-Cayman Style Beef-Salt Beef n Beans-Oxtail-Cowfoot-Pork dishes-Pigtail n Bean (Source: Business Facebook Page)
  • WhatsApp, message or text for daily specials and we will deliver to your hotel,condo,home or apartment.
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Local Food & Seafood-Lobster-Stew Conch-Shrimp-Whelks-Fresh Fish-Stew Turtle (farm raised) Curry Chicken & Goat-Cayman Style Beef-Salt Beef n Beans-Oxtail-Pork dishes-Pigtail n Bean

Call + 1 (345) 322-0828 or WhatsApp or text us and receive our daily specials. Then just text back your order to be picked up or delivered on Little Cayman in 20 mins or less. Due to being such a small population only 1 or 2 of these dishes will be prepared fresh daily depending on which day of the week. For large groups, we will prepare to order with advance notice. (Lobster, Conch, Whelks dishes are seasonal) *Call or email us for daily preparation or planned weekday*
SIDES CAN VARY (choose 1,2 or 3 only) * Scroll down to the bottom

* CI$ (Cayman Islands Dollar)
Large CI$11
~ Fried ~ Stewed ~ Baked ~ Curry ~ BBQ
Small CI$8 ~ CI$12
~ Cayman Style Beef
~ Stew Beef
~ Salt Beef Rundown
~ BBQ Beef Ribs rack
~ Oxtail
~ Cowfoot
~ Curry Goat
~ Stew Pork
~ Pigtail & Beans
~ Pork Chops (2 Chops fried w/onions)
~ BBQ Pork Ribs rack
~ Land Crab (Fried or Baked) $15
~ NY Strip Steak 10 oz C.A.B. $15
Only Large for CI$15
~ Lobster (Cayman Style, Coconut.Garlic & Butter or Curry) CI$18
~ Conch Stew
~ Cracked Conch (Panko)
~ Whole Fry or Baked Fish (depends on the size)
~ Fish Rundown (Turbot)
~ Whelks Stew
~ Shrimp (Cayman Style, Coconut, Garlic & Butter or Curry)
~ Foil Boil packs w/ Fresh herbs and spices, Corn on Cob, Irish Potato &/or Italian Sausage (Shrimp, Lobster, Red Crab, Conch, Mahi-Mahi, Snapper, Turbot, Lionfish, Barracuda)
~ Turtle Stew (Farm Raised)
~ Lionfish (Availability)
~ Pan-fried Barracuda w/ Fritters
All CI$8 for 8oz Serving
~ Conch ~ Shrimp ~ Lobster ~ Fish (Yellow Fin Tuna, Snapper, Turbot, Lionfish)
~ Conch Fritters (4 golf size balls) w/ dipping sauce (Tartar or Scotch Bonnet Pepper or Cranberry sauce) CI$8
All CI$5 (32oz)
~ Oxtail
~ Cowfoot
~ Chicken
~ Beef
~ Lionfish
~ Fish Tea
~ Conch
~ Lionfish
~ Seafood
~ Turtle
~ Pigtail
~ Salt Beef & Red Bean
SIDES CAN VARY (choose 1,2 or 3 only)
~ White Rice or Rice & Beans(Red Beans)
~ Breadfruit or Green Banana (Boiled, Fried or Mashed)
~ Cassava (Yuca) Cuban Style Mojo
~ Mixed Vegetables or Salad
~ Pumpkin
~ Coleslaw
~ Corn on the Cob
~ Okra
~ Potato Salad
~ Mashed Potato
~ Baked Potato
~ French Fries
~ Ripe or Green Plantain
~ Macaroni n Cheese