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Anguilla Summer Festival

August 1-7, 2022

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Additional Details

  • Summer Festival on Anguilla is a typical Caribbean emancipation celebration, it has been occurring on the island for over a quarter century. It’s roots however, are found in the decades of old traditional August Monday fairs, Bazaars and the old time Christmas festivities, which features many African influenced cultural expressions of island life. These activities were organized by the churches and featured wirewalkers, May pole dancers, Mock-a-Jumbies and games among other things. Today’s festivities still exude the same charm and spirit of those early days of festivities. Carnival as we know it today is a reflection of a typical contemporary Caribbean Carnivals. The Anguilla Summer Festival Committee’s goal is to revive the traditional art forms and merge them with our modern prospective of mass playing and cultural extravaganzas. (Source: Website)